Additional Services

Additional Services


Aquaculture expertise
Ecosense personnel have environmental and industry production training and experience in aquaculture. All facets of aquaculture consultancy has been undertaken including risk and environmental assessment, project feasibility assessment, compliance auditing, construction and operational management programmes, national and international standards and best practice applications. We have both marine and freshwater expertise and have a diverse client base covering multiple species that include freshwater fisheries in Lesotho, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek and mariculture projects in Hermanus, Saldanha, Algoa Bay and Richards Bay.

Green Star SA Ecological Reports
Ecosense has members who are SACNASP registered and Green Star SA Accredited Professionals and can provide ecologist’s reports as are required for Eco-0 Conditional Requirement, the Landscape & Ecology 4 Change in Ecological Value credit as well as producing Environmental Management Plans that meet the requirements of the Green Star SA rating system for the Man-6 credit. We have successfully delivered reports for a number of projects such as the V&A Silo 1, CTICC East, UCT Lecture Hall in Cape Town and The Village Walk Centre in Sandton, that have met muster with the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Social impact screenings
With expertise in Social Sciences, Ecosense can also offer social screenings and have a good grasp of public participation methods and requirements. Ecosense has previously been involved in social studies for the R300 Ring Road project, Kompanjiestuin vineyard development and Croydon Wine and Olive Estates in Cape Town.

Workshop facilitation
Ecosense and its associates have been instrumental in conducting various workshops to reach tangible outcomes. We follow a diverse approach to the facilitation of workshops to avoid the delegates becoming bored or feeling side-lined. We have been involved in stakeholder facilitation workshops in the public participation phases of impact assessment processes of which examples include Greenpoint Stadium. We also offer tailor made workshops. Examples include a company environmental risk assessment workshop for Grinaker LTA and an Estuary Management Forum workshop to address the challenges in estuary management for the Western Cape Government.

Safety, Health & Environmental Quality
Ecosense, together with our highly qualified and experienced Health & Safety associates, undertake integrated SHEQ risk assessments, plans and compliance auditing. Projects successfully completed include SHE assessments for the National Ports Authority at the Cape Town Harbour, SHEQ compliance monitoring of the deepening of the Ben Schoeman Dock Basin and SHE risk assessments and compilation of work procedures  or Grinaker LTA Western Cape construction division.